back to school
There’s no back to school police who says I can’t wear knee socks and a backpack even though I have no textbooks right?
back to school
I am not above "stealing" things from my kid. Usually it's more of a "borrow" situation, like that time I needed five dollars to tip a pizza delivery guy and I had to ask my nine-year-old for the cash.
school supplies
Just because you're not going back to class doesn't mean you can't buy cute pencils.

Aug 13, 2014 at 10:00am | 46 comments

back to school
I still love notebooks and pencils and stamps and erasers and anything that makes me feel like I'm about to LEARN SOMETHING.
ask laia
The whole thing immediately gave me flashbacks to one "Dangerous Minds," the most epic movie about kids that are crazy and teachers who are boss