social media
The goofy, dorky awkwardness I have in person transforms into sharply delivered one-liners on Twitter and Facebook.
I almost didn't get this article turned in because I was watching all of "Roseanne." #sorrynotsorry
Think of all the opportunities that you have passed over because you were scared -- think of all the times your fear has kept these opportunities from even coming your way. What have you lost?
PLAN B: I'm going to invent a cocktail and call it "ASPIRATIONAL DESPAIR" and get reeeeaaallly drunk on it.
Coupled with the fact I'm still kind of depressed/anxious, I'm scared of losing my job and scared that nobody will ever like me and I'll always have to walk into work with that feeling of dread.
birthday parties
Birthday parties are supposed to be the ultimate in frivolity--it’s literally a day all about you!-- but that’s also what makes them emotional landmines.
A part of me wishes I could sometimes just turn my brain off and enjoy the things that bring other people pleasure. Taking the opportunity to stare at naked women shouldn’t be this complicated.
I’m busy trying to fix my face into an expression that could read as either horny or wary, because if he likes it, I don’t want to make him feel gross about it, and if he doesn’t, I don’t want him to think I’m into it, god, no.