If I let him out for exercise, Fluffy crawls behind the furniture and hides. If I so much as blow in his direction he flinches. I can’t help but wonder if as his “parents” we have robbed our poor guinea pig of his optimism, his sense of adventure and his appetite for life.
moral dilemmas
Was I just being a crazy bird lady? Was I shoving my own beliefs down this family's throat? Should I just have minded my own business?
For a long time, I loved animals too much to feel OK about eating them. Then a nutritionist suggested I try eating some poultry for mental health reasons. I did -- and now I feel guilty for loving it.
animal testing
I’ve been saying "This could be Max’s last year" for five years.
The thing with animals is that they have terribly short lives. Ten years is nothing, an instant, a blur of walks and hugs and throwing massive sticks into lakes.

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Other items that perk me up include ice coffee the size of my head, and all of the cookies that there are.
cruelty-free beauty
Animals are furry! Plus they make us feel less alone. Here are five reasons why I've always been head-over-heels for them. Tell me your reasons, too.
When it’s been emotionally or financially taxing, I’ve still felt nothing but extraordinarily fortunate to share my home with such wonderful friends.
Often, my only contribution to xoJane staff meetings other than helpful suggestions like giving Charlotte the helm for the day or having an xoJane sleepover is weird animal noises.
It would have been 10 things, but I had rainbows to climb and fluffy clouds to frolic upon.
I am not one of those blessed beings who have an innate knack for getting animals to like them.
The sanctuary was home for: 5 woolly monkeys, 3 Barbary macaques, 1 patas monkey and 19 capuchins. All but the woollys were direct victims from the pet or circus trade.

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xojane uk
"When my mum sees this she’s not going to cook me any more vegetarian meals," I admitted, quaveringly. "And quite right, too," snapped the slightly scary boss lady that I sat next to.

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My daydreams of taking Fiona home gradually faded away, but my memories of the animal shelter stuck with me.

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farm sanctuary
Doesn't offering some "motherly care" to a farm animal sound like a worthy addition to brunch?
Recently, I decided to hang up the ol' Vegetarian jersey to play for team Carnivore for a while. Here's what got me into it, through it and out of it.

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Sure, you can put a bird on it, but why limit yourself to winged creatures?
I am a single woman living in Los Angeles who loves five star hotels, Louboutin heels and men who look like Oliver Reed. And I have 6 chickens.

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