He held my face to his and told me: "I have a history of heroin use, but I’m clean, and I’ve been tested. Are you sure you want to do this?"
I turn to sugar when I’m sad, I turn to sugar when I’m psyched, I turn to sugar when I’m bored. I know using sweets to comfort myself might not be healthy -- I just don't really see a cause for alarm.
Heroin in our house, in front of our child, while I was growing a baby inside me was worse than any of the fears I’d conjured for myself over the years.
crystal meth
I didn’t think of it as “crystal meth.” This was just speed -- a higher-strength Dexatrim than I could buy at the store.
I was the only detox virgin -- everyone else had been sucked into the cyclical hell of detox, rehab, prison.

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Today, Narconon has gone under extensive investigation, with many sites closing down. NBC’s Rock Center even did a special on it after two patients were mistreated and died.
chiara de blasio
When I started dating a guy with a TV, I spent hours at his house watching horrible network shows and ignoring him.
In Peaches Geldof, I see both a tragic story and an image of my alternate reality.
I really hate Mondays -- they represent that awkward transitional point where my one life ends and another starts up.
Ugh, I'm still mad about this Onion article from a few weeks ago.

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I've written about my longstanding love of nicotine before. Well, here's my healthy-ass update.
candy crush
“Mommy, can I have some milk?” “Wait a minute, baby, just let me finish this game.”
I’m in denial that I have a gambling problem since I’m not feeding dollars or quarters into a machine in Las Vegas. Instead I’m seated at my dining-room table playing a free slot machine on Facebook.
Did you post a picture of you having the best time ever online? Yeah, that's a gloatgram.
philip seymour hoffman
A lot of people are talking about what could have been done to "help" Phil. I want to talk about how he helped everyone he ever met.
For my friends, methamphetamine is a plot device, a prop in a show. For me it has been the very real possibility that my brother would burn our house down while we slept.
Methadone is supposed to be a fix, a treatment, a way out. It ended up causing more problems than even my worst days of heroin.
the frisky
I just might have a problem, and in the spirit of spilling the dirt and getting it off my chest, I suppose I should share my shopping truths with you.
sex addiction
Why people are so threatened by the notion of sex addiction that they have to make a joke of it is a question worth asking

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