Here’s a trend to take your exhibitionism on Instagram to a new level before Labor Day.
social media
In the last year or so, I have made a point of posting pictures in which my daughters are doing something other than smiling –- making music, playing soccer –- so the comments say something other than “She’s so beautiful!”
body issues
Just like Facebook, Instagram is too large and pervasive of a world to truly quit.
adam richman
He told a friend of mine to kill herself, told another to eat a bag of sh-t, and completely went on the attack, lacking any modicum of class or decorum.
“Nobody wants to see that,” says every insulting commenter ever.
If you need a little nudge to stop Instagramming photos of your dinner, here it is.
the internet
Saying the word “boyfriend” on my Twitter or Instagram elicits the most heinous responses from men who are fans of my radio-show-having ex.
the style con
In (dis)honour of Nabokov’s narrator, I’ve dubbed it “Humbert culture” -- society’s steadfast commitment to sexualizing young girls and protecting men who prey on them.
the frisky
If you like what you see, “smile” at the person through the app, and if it’s a match, you’re well on your way to love.
cute nails
Ever wondered if you could get that awkward photo of your cat sleeping upside down on your boyfriend's head archived forever as nail art? Well now you can!

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Richard Simmons' Instagram feed is the only Instagram feed you need to follow.
Did you post a picture of you having the best time ever online? Yeah, that's a gloatgram.
I never get rid of anything, unless it falls victim to tech failure. I've kept the first website I ever designed, the first poems I've ever written, the portfolio I painstakingly crafted to get into art school - all of it safe and sound, backed up on hard drives.

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In spite of her antics, Kim Kardashian is still a human being with insecurities who sometimes gets her feelings hurt.
thought catalog
I’ll gladly look at one beach photo. I might even “like” it. But I won’t be as amused if six more follow.
Chances are you know at least one person who is super into Instagram and owns a keychain, or a pin, or a cross stitch of the logo. That's a bummer since it means you can't give them those things for the holidays. Get them something from this list, instead!
"Reign" is The CW's version of Mary Queen of Scots at French Court -- and it's delicious and CHIC.
If I can't Instagram my choice of shoes for the day, then WHAT'S THE POINT IN LIVING? Also featuring photos of the Official Great xoJane Florida Meet-Up!
You know that thing where you write a word so many times it starts to lose all meaning? I'm doing that with "selfie" right now.

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