fake holidays
So many of the nasty comments leveraged online relate directly to tearing down women -- our appearances, our sexuality, our choices.
ankle bracelets
If you are going to decorate your feet, THEN DECORATE YOUR FEET! Don’t go halfway in. PLUS: "AS SEEN ON TV!"
They frighten me, and the idea of touching one makes me queasy.
Lilly Pulitzer was a wealthy socialite in 1960s Palm Beach when she started making dresses both to relieve boredom and to solve a problem: Her good clothes were always getting ruined by fruit juice stains.
Food, music, you name it. When I find something I like, I consume it voraciously. Until I don’t anymore.
I'm not saying that I am pulling this look off successfully, I'm just saying it's interesting.
I’m ready for you, 30. Throw all the Merino wool sweaters and New York Times Real Estate sections you want to at me! You’ll never win!

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I wasn't supposed to like LA... but something had to give.
What would my life look like if I left all the decisions I would normally make on my own up to the affirmative, negative, or non-committal roll of the icosahedral die?

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deathbed regrets
Why do I like these silly time-wasters so much? I'll tell you.
birth control
When it comes to the case my birth control lives in, I like to keep it classy. So I went all DIY on it.

Aug 2, 2012 at 3:34pm | 28 comments

british tv
Some weirdly poignant information you will never, ever use.
container gardening
You don’t have to have a green thumb or lots of cash to share awesome plants with your neighbors.
ask laia
Turning street-style inspiration into street-style REALIZATION! Just kidding, I would never say that.
Or how a poetry reading saved my life.

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french manicures
The meteoric rise and tragic fall of a Sophisticated Look.

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Not too long ago, Emily mentioned the fact that there are a lot of J's up in here at xoJane: Julie, Jessica, Jess, Julieanne, and Jenny. Freaky.

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But which side tells "douchebag time"?

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Don't waste your dough on stuff you can only wear once a year. Here are some Halloween-appropriate threads for tricking, treating, and everything in between.