Never say I don't commit to a story.
They say that you never know how you’ll react when crime happens to you and it’s true, because I didn’t think I was half as tough as I turned out to be.
hair color
I endured a grueling bleaching session to find out.

Feb 19, 2014 at 3:00pm | 157 comments

I have finally accepted my inner blonde-ness and launched a full frontal assault to make my meticulously highlighted, baby-fine blonde hair the very best it can be.
Blondes don’t lead naturally charmed lives. Oh sure, we got no ish standing over a subway grate and giggling as our skirts rise, but our souls are dark, our pasts tortured, and our ideologies seriously borked.
Keith Shore is super hot, funny, talented and how cool is it that he goes to work some days at Courtney Love's house?