Cystitis is one thing I can rely on to happen when I’m too tired or too stressed. That slight sting, the hot feeling in the base of my gut.
cerebral palsy
“What’s the matter? Did you hurt your leg or something?” he asks. “No, I have Cerebral Palsy,” I answer.
As a teenager, I thought of it as the book with "Ralph the penis.” Naturally, it was my favorite book of all time.
I kept wondering, Do we really have to allocate funds to purchase a strap-on instead of an airline ticket for you to meet my family?
online dating
ask a sex therapist
Asking for what you want in the bedroom seems like it should be so easy, yet many of us struggle with actually opening our mouths and letting the words out.
There was the blind date where I began convulsing in front of an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet. I never saw him again.
In continuing to sleep with my ex, I am doing myself zero favors. Zero.
There is no better private investigator than a woman with Internet access and a curiosity.
But we're glad they're not because now there's a chance we'll have sex with them.
sex tapes
Sometimes I want to be a sex-crazed, 23-year-old party girl again, if only for 12 minutes and 31 seconds.
If you pay attention to these types of stories, you'd think men are just mindless semen prisons.

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you are the advice columnist
I had two choices: Break up with John and lose Drew or stay with John and at the very least, grow a friendship with this man that had me feeling like I was going to throw up, in a good way.

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Choe’s masseuse “Rose” may be fictitious, but we unfortunately live in a world full of “Roses.”

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Maybe all I can really take away from my experience is that you just never know what’s going to stumble into your life and change it completely.
Sex is my antidepressant when it is awesome.

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you are the advice columnist
real history
I'm starting a girl gang and I'm calling it FUSTY LUGGS; who's coming with me?

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