Here's A Weekend Open Thread That's As Warm, Cuddly And Accepting As A Puppy

I give you this space to talk about anything at all -- it's a judgement-free zone!

Aug 30, 2013 at 6:00pm | Leave a comment


This is me praying for you to have an awesome weekend.

Hello, and thank you for attending this weekend's Open Thread! Here's what to do: whatever you want.

Tell us a sexy story -- or a sad one. We could also talk about how the basil plants you get at the grocery store to keep in your kitchen always die. (Or is that just Madeline?) Or how about we discuss what the etiquette is around warning someone if the food item they are going to order for lunch is really, really ridiculously spicy? I might be hungry because it seems like all I want to talk about is herbs and spices. What's happening? Let's do this thing.