7 Things I Couldn't Get Anybody To Write About THIS Week

I didn't threaten or bribe anyone this week, so naturally, there are cool topics we didn't cover.

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I fried my hair in London using my US blowdryer with their voltage/wattage/whatever and marveling at how quickly my hair was drying and wondering why my scalp kept feeling like it was on fire. Don't do this unless you like straw-y hair, which is a fine choice too.

Happy Saturday! Yes, it's that time where I bitch about all the topics I couldn't get anyone on staff to cover. I'm pretty hurt that we're not talking about Sarah Palin and how our mothers made us drunks. I must mention that, to my staffers credit, due to my own personal bed-bug fun-time adventure, I didn't really have the energy to pressure anyone.

It's your mom's fault you're a drunk

Too broke for babies?

Another round of engagement ring judging -- now Jen Aniston's is TOO BIG [I have to admit that I wasn't that into this one myself as I love Jen, have known her for 25 years or so and didn't want to further fuel this ridiculousness, even though by showing you this now, I guess I just did.]

Sarah Palin has slimmed down for release of her diet and fitness book

Your boyfriend

Why won't you protect college princesses instead of hooking up with them, MENZ?

Text message decoder


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