"You Mean I Get To Break This News?!??"

Feb 6, 2013 at 11:53am | Leave a comment

That's me to Emily, happy upon learning that I got in first today to
document and reveal her glorious hair. That hardly ever happens with
anything anymore what with all these Instagrammers hovering around.

Two thoughts:

I love this girl. It grows daily. That is unprofessional, yes? Oh good!

Emily and I are superficially so different. She does THE BACK of her
hair like this for a day in the office. I MIGHT wash the back of my
hair to visit the Obamas. Maybe. Isn't she gorgeous? And which camp do
you fall into, my beauties?

PS Announcing the winner of the we-are-calling-YOU today contest from
yesterday shortly so stay tuned. Xo

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