What's Down YOUR Pants? A Party Game

Jan 17, 2013 at 4:22pm | Leave a comment

Not really a party game.

Okay, so Miss Emily, WHO I LOVE, just realized she has been walking
around with a broken hair tie in her sheer tights all day. Which
rivals a story from Marci (welcome Marci Robin, another new recruit
for the same project I didn't tell you yesterday that Annie is working
on!) in which she found a strong cheese wrapper down her pants. Or,
marginally related, when I went to pay my part of a bill at an outdoor
restaurant and a tampon -- which had no wrapper and had been in the
bottom on my bag and soaked up a burst Advil liquijel -- fell out onto
the table.

Hmmm, what's your story? And is it matronizing that I call my
employees Miss Mandy and Miss Lesley and, now, Miss Marci?

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