Play date with Suri?

Dec 16, 2011 at 3:15pm | Leave a comment

Oh, this is kind of a joke. HOWEVER, I thought that if y'all were tired of so much of me being up Miss Love's ass these days, I could distract you with this OTHER celebrity I saw this morning. My old pal and co-star (haha), Tom Cruise. ( I do love the guy.  He gives very genuine hugs.) I don't want to disclose your location, Mr. Cruise (hence the photo used is not where I saw you this morning),  but Cat is sitting here saying that Charlotte and Suri should have a play-date, as Charlotte's free on Sunday evening and they both LOVE lipstick. Uh, that's not how friendships work, but whatever, it's a name-drop. obnoxiously xo


PS I wrote this before finding this evidence of you actually saying I am up her ass. Ha, I know you so well. Love you all.


PPS You wanna know who's the real rock-star today? My math-whiz daughter. XOX