Just A Little Treat From My Inbox Today

Jun 6, 2013 at 11:52am | Leave a comment

I actually haven't "been there"! But now I want to go "there"! Have you been??

They also talk about how this product even targets and fixes the
dreaded side-boob (see before and after shots here). Wow!

Wait until I show you the after photos from this press release for
this Fit Gum I also got. Keep the pitches coming!
Love them! And anyone who wants my boob glue, let me know below and I
will mail it to you.

Oh, and best answer for what the next miracle product for the ladies will be
can have the pink Clarisonic I just received (no joke -- get kooky
below if you want it -- or just to entertain me if you don't).

PS I just, as I was writing this, remembered that in my dream last
night, I was in Courtney Love's bridal party on a place in the beach
in LA with our mutual friend Julie P. and I had to pee as I was
walking down the aisle. It was really fun though. I miss you,
Courtney, and sorry I've been out of touch. Name-droppy non-sequitur
of the day!!