Blow Me (duh)

So I'm on my way to a benefit for Women of the Congo ...

Oct 14, 2012 at 5:50pm | Leave a comment

So I'm on my way to a benefit for Women of the Congo, where I will hang with Glenn Close and Eve Ensler. Feeling so lucky that my favorite blow-dryer/blow-dryist(?), Donna Fumoso, who does all kinds of fabulous models on fancy fashion shoots all the time, happens to live in my building and is sweet enough to help me out. She rocks. She won't let me pay her, so I pay her in wine and this mention here. I like the barter system, having grown up with lots of it -- my parents paying our dental bills by exchanging paintings for fillings, my dad covering our school tuition by building the playground equipment. Ok, Happy Sunday, sweeties. Mine is great except that I haven't stopped working for more than 45 minutes of it. You?

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