You Are The Advice Columnist: My Husband Says Another Woman is "The One"

He said he never felt this type of connection with anyone before; not even with me.
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He said he never felt this type of connection with anyone before; not even with me.


I feel insanely jealous that my husband still talks to his ex girlfriend. They don't see each other in person but they text a lot. 

She was his last girlfriend before me. He dumped her because she will not leave her husband for him and he doesn't want to wait for her anymore. 

We fight a lot because of my jealousy and a couple of months ago he told me the truth. He said that the reason that he still talks to her is because he thinks she's the "one" and he never felt this type of connection with anyone before. (Not even with me.) He then told me, "If you feel like this for someone, don't you want them to be part of your life?"

Although he felt that way with her, he said that they're just friends and he already let her go the day that he married me. 

I read their text messages and they seem a little flirty. There is no direct talk about love or sex but it pisses me off that he calls her princess or that he wants to spank her. He said that it's just their sarcastic way they talk to each other.This also pisses me off especially when I read that she is his favorite person to talk to. 

I confronted her about this but she blocked me in facebook and doesn't want to do anything with me.

We talked about this a lot and to the point that he ignores me. He tells me that he doesn't stop me from talking to my friends so I shouldn't stop him as well.

I know I sound immature for being jealous and I know that he loves me and is very good to me. I love my husband and I want this marriage to last but I can't stop feeling this way knowing what he really feels about her and that their relationship before he married me was an affair. 

What do I do? 

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