YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: How Do I Talk Women's Rights With My Uber Christian Sister-In-Law ?

How can we talk about this honestly and still remain friends?

Jul 10, 2013 at 6:30pm | Leave a comment


Hi y'all! I get along great with my sister-in-law, Summer, and love spending time with her, but I really need help conversing with her when it comes to women's rights. Now, we are both Christian, but she is more stereotypical in the sense that she believes abortions are wrong in any circumstance, and that Planned Parenthood is the work of the devil. I believe that no one gets abortions just for funsies, are usually the last resort, and should absolutely be available to every woman, everywhere. I've tried to avoid the topic altogether, but it feels wrong knowing women's voices are being ignored and I'm just adding to that; plus I feel it's coming up more and more in conversation lately. I am probably the only feminist she's friends with so I don't want to alienate her, but I also want to be honest when it comes to my opinions on women's rights because they are so important to me. How can we talk about this honestly and still remain friends? Is it even possible? Please help me, xoJane readers!

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