YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: How Do I Deal With Moving To A Big City For The First Time?

It happened. I finally moved away from home.
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It happened. I finally moved away from home.


Dear xoJaners,

It happened. I finally moved away from home -- yes, yes at the age of 21. (Hey, what can I say, my mum offered free rent.)

Moving also meant moving to a bigger city, much bigger, like third largest city in Canada big. So far, I'm not liking it much. People are rude, the traffic sucks and everything is far away. 

AND within the first three weeks of being here I ended up in the hospital and had car trouble, ugh.

So my fellow xoJaners, how did you cope with moving away from home? How do you handle the big city? How do you make friends in a brand new place? (I'm hella lonely, and only know 1 person here so far, my ex boyfriend. It's great. Really.) 

To add another layer on this, I moved to go back to school (paramedics college to be exact). It's been three years since I've been in school and so far, studying is driving me up the walls. What are some tips for studying, keeping on track and staying focused. I constantly find my mind wandering. There is, unfortunately, a fair amount of expectation on me to do well, (somehow) I am ranked one of the top students after our candidate assessments. 

The last layer to this is that, at my college, paramedicine students are predominately male. I'm worried, will they hate me, will they like me? Will I stand out like a sore thumb? What's the best approach to being a female in a male environment? Before pursuing this, I worked as a bridal consultant for three years, a highly female dominated sector so I have no idea how to act. 

Well my dear Jane-ites. That about sums it up. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Send us your ! We need you!