A Short Statement From Jane & The Editors

About a mistake that we made and how we are handling it.

Mar 18, 2014 at 4:05pm | Leave a comment

The situation caused by a post that ran here recently has been and continues to be deeply deeply upsetting to me on many levels. I'm not proud of my site having run the piece as we did, but from the time I found out about it (in a phone call on Sunday), I have wanted to be proud of how I am handling it with the writer directly in the aftermath. Part of that includes not talking to all of you about it. I believe that I owe the writer as an individual my help in rectifying the situation as best I can. That is what I am doing and that has been my primary focus, above anything else, these last couple of days. I'm sorry that I am not engaging with you all about it, but appreciate everything you have done for the writer as well. You have gone above and beyond, as often. 
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