A Reason to Glare: Ashley Graham Is Not Being "Featured" in the Swimsuit Issue

This is not the Second Coming of Fat Jesus.
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This is not the Second Coming of Fat Jesus.

First and foremost, let me say that Ashley Graham is hot like the fires of ten thousand burning suns. It is not like I dispute everyone holding up her ad for Swimsuits For All as an example of "Wow, that woman is attractive." Because that woman is attractive.

But let's be real. This is not the Second Coming of Fat Jesus. Ashley Graham is not being featured in Sports Illustrated's 2015 Swimsuit Issue. SI did not call her up and say, "Hey, Ash, grace us with your incandescent presence." Nope, they just deigned to take Swimsuits For All's money. So generous. Much progressive.

Yes, this is the first time a plus-size model has appeared in an ad in SI — but that's really not enough for me to declare this the age of the plus size, which I saw in a couple of over-wrought press release–style stories yesterday.

I'm stoked Ashley Graham is enjoying this success, and I think Swimsuits For All has a brilliant marketing department. If there's going to be a yearly softcore objectification-fest — that is, the Swimsuit Issue — then making it a little more diverse in any way possible seems important.

Even so, I deploy my glareface for the swooning media coverage of this "event." Call me when SI (a fine sports magazine I have greatly enjoyed reading even though I don't watch sports) legitimately features a plus-size model (like Tess Munster/Holliday even) on its pages, and then I'll throw a big fat party.


Update! Y'all, check out this E! online post — apparently there is a "plus size" model featured in the issue. She's a size 10. And the article makes sure to point out that while the modeling world calls Robyn Lawley plus size, no, really for real, she's totally an average and healthy size so, honestly, she's not plus sized at all.

Is it any wonder the only adequate response is glaring?