Say Something Nice: Claire Hoenke

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I'm so glad that you are doing this. I think people get so used to offering up criticism that it's a little too easy to forget to offer an equal or greater amount of praise or appreciation. Here are my top 5 nice things I'd like to say. I love ASOS Curve for teaching me how to be an unashamed fat girl in bright colors and a bubble skirt. I am grateful to the City of San Luis Obispo's department of transportation, who responded to my email the same day I sent it, and then installed a new bike rack in front of my office within 3 weeks of my initial request. I deeply appreciate everyone who ever caught his or her cat doing something adorable/hilarious on camera and then put the video on the internet. Even though I am tired of my job and I feel that it is time to move on, I am really glad that I get to work with fantastic people who make me laugh every day. I love the ladies (and men!) of xoJane for baring their souls every day to an audience that may or may not rip them each a new a-hole. Thanks for this opportunity, Claire