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Feb 4, 2012 at 12:00pm | Leave a comment

The reader comments lately have been blowing my mind. Like I said in the first ever Comment of the Week post: "This contest has no rules, just winners." THEREFORE, this week several comments have won, based on nominations found in subsequent comments and my impeccable taste, bien sur.

From "Food-Shaming is the New Fat-Shaming", we heard about chickens that sweat Ryan Gosling:  

When Emily responded to Hannah's Jil Sander makeup-look post we were reminded of that time Cat smeared her face with period blood:

Olivia left a smidgen early to fly to Chicago so I can't offer you guys a custom made I'll troll Google Images for a weird one to steal!

What ties together all these comments? Chickens and periods.  The contents of an edible egg are chicken period, so here you go, Jodie Layne, freudianslippers, Amy Ryan, and edotwoods:

Congrats! So yes, next time you think something should be comment of the week do nominate it--right there in the comments. 

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