Comments Of The Week: Wear Lipstick Everyday

Kate Winslet! Resolutions!

Jan 12, 2013 at 3:00pm | Leave a comment

The most upvoted comment this week can be found on Lesley's piece, "The Audacity Of Lena Dunham, And Her Admirable Commitment To Making Us Look At Her Naked." It's from UK contributor Olivia Singer:


My favorite comment is from Mandy's piece about her sexy new hair. It's from harriet: 


I'm feeling this simple, glam resolution so much ,it's something I'd like to try in addition to my other resolution: stop burning my tongue (read: sloooow down).The new lipsticky me will be here just in time for our new beauty site

Please Enjoy Your Virtual Trophy:


Olivia made this for me!! I forget the name of the app she used. 


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