Comments Of The Week: FREE! Butt Games

BREAKING: I'm obsessed with butts.

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Sorry I'm not sorry, but this week's comments are about glorious, wobbly, juicy asses. Again. For the third time in the past month-ish. Maybe this would happen less if this wasn't xoJane and we weren't talking about our beautiful, unique bodies for 73% of time. This thread is from Emily's article "I Like That Jiggly Belly, Too": When Dudes Act Like Complete Idiots About Women's Bodies. 


Sarahphina, you should start a blog about free and bargain-cheap ways to have tons of relationship-enhancing, fun. 

The most upvoted comment from the past week is from Brooke Michelle on I'm A Black Female Cosplayer And Some People Hate It. 


This week's virtual trophy is of 22-year-old me (the caption explains it): 


Taken in December 2010 on my personal laptops's Photo Booth. I took this right after I met Jane for the first time and she offered me an internship. I wanted to remember that day always. 

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