6 Ways To Wear Knee Socks Without Looking Like A Schoolgirl

Don’t get me wrong, schoolgirl style is cute too, but sometimes it’s nice to look like a sexy grownup with warm legs.

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I am a huge fan of knee socks and over-the-knee socks. In fact, I wear them pretty much nonstop every season but summer. I love the little bit of leg left showing between the top of the sock and the clothing I’m wearing above, and love feeling warm without having to wear pants every single day (especially this time of the year).
The only danger is, it can be a little hard to wear knee socks without looking sort of childish sometimes, especially if you like wearing your hair in pigtails and donning short patterned skirts like I do. I always pull my socks up over my knee, which definitely helps, but sometimes I still want to change the look up a bit more you know? In turn, I’ve adopted a few tricks and go-to combos to give my knee socks a little bit more maturity. 
Here’s how I like to wear them:
1. With sheer tights underneath
This is probably my all-time favorite knee sock look. The extra layer of fabric gives your legs extra warmth, but it still looks cute with anything you plan on wearing, dressy or casual. I especially like wearing this duo with a tighter skirt, loose flowy top, and ankle boots. Definitely my go-to for fall and winter dinners. 
2. With shorts
In the spring, I like to pair my knee socks with shorts and boots or even little sneakers. This look is perfect for those days when it’s not quite warm enough out for shorts yet, but you’ve been waiting all winter and just can’t help yourself.
3. Scrunched down with knee high or over-the-knee boots
I love high boots with a hint of sock peaking out the top. Opt for a sock that matches your boots for something more neutral, or make a statement with bright or patterned socks. I even sport socks rolled down like this with wellies and a rain coat for spring shower outfits. 
4. With a short skirt and an oversized chunky sweater
This sock pairing does still have a bit of a schoolgirl feel to it, so it’s perhaps not the most work-appropriate option on the list. I modernized it a bit with a leather skirt over a tartan one, and then threw a big loose, comfy sweater on top to even out what’s happening below the waist. 
5. Layered over patterned tights
Patterned tights are super cute, but sometimes the pattern is a bit too loud for a full leg, or you just need a little extra warmth (screw you January). Adding knee socks over patterned tights is a great way to show off a tiny bit of pattern without overwhelming the rest of your outfit. 
6. With ankle booties
Whether flat or high-heeled, ankle booties and knee-high socks are a match made in accessory heaven. I wear this combo with just about everything, adding a garter to the top of the socks if I find they’re slipping down, or if I just feel like looking a bit more sexy. 

From left to right, the socks I am wearing in these photos, and a cute sheer pair. Both from American Apparel. 


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