I am looking for an arsenal of suggestions to help me not become a hermit.

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I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant and feeling like my circle of friends is dwindling fast.  I have already more or less lost (not really lost, but never see/hang out with) my friends who have kids, and the friends who don’t have kids are slipping away the less I am able to go out and get drunk.  My husband and I have become the couple that people will hang out with if they have nothing else going on and want a quiet night in, but we are getting less and less social as time goes on, and as our childless friends meet new people that they can have the big nights out with that we used to have.  My husband still gets out and about quite a bit but the combination of crushing exhaustion and just a lack of desire to be around drunk people have made me get more and more reclusive.  Please note that I am in no way blaming any of my friends for these drifts – if it is anyone’s fault it’s mine.
What I am wondering is how I stop myself from becoming not just a reclusive person, but a reclusive mom to a newborn.  I want to go out and socialise when I have the baby, and not get stuck in a rut of being home all day every day and every night.  I love my husband to death but I worry that if we are the only people each other sees, we will start to get tired and resentful of each other.  I am looking for an arsenal of suggestions to help me not become a hermit.   Can any new moms and/or straight talkers knock me out of my “I have no friends” funk and help me prepare for the next step? Thanks!
How can this soon-to-be-mommy make new friends?! Let her know in the comments!

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