YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: How Do I Get My Father To Be Healthy?

How can I get him to change his unhealthy lifestyle?
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How can I get him to change his unhealthy lifestyle?

About six months ago my dad was diagnosed with stage II prostate cancer. A few months ago, he had surgery and is steadily recovering. His oncologist told him he had to start exercising more, but as far as I can tell, my dad's lifestyle hasn't changed at all. To his credit, he DID quit smoking, which I am pretty happy about. When I asked him how he's incorporated exercise into his life, he said that he parks at the far end of the parking lot, which is about a 10 minute walk. He thinks that a 10 minute walk in the morning and a 10 minute walk in the afternoon is sufficient exercise! My parents are both in their 50s, but unlike my dad, my mom is really active and goes to the gym several times a week. She has tried to get my dad to come out with her, but he refuses, choosing instead to stay home and play on the computer. He spends 9 hours a day sitting at a desk at work and then comes home and plops himself in front of the computer for the rest of the night. His diet is also not great. He's been on atkins for years and my parents believe that organic and natural foods are just a bunch of BS. Most of the vegetables they do eat are frozen or canned. I was really hoping that the silver lining to my dad's diagnosis would be that he would finally get his health in order and pick up better habits, but that doesn't seem to be happening. I love my dad so much, and I cannot imagine my life and family without him. I want him to be healthy for as long as possible. How can I get him to change his unhealthy lifestyle?

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