Margaret Cho Came In To Guest Edit For a Day and Turned xoJane into xoCocaine

(Oh, and sorry, Jane and Emily and Corynne. And, uh, Annie and Madeline. And exercise ball.)

Jun 21, 2013 at 12:15pm | Leave a comment


Margaret made a few changes.

When we heard Margaret Cho was coming to New York to promote the fifth season premiere of "Drop Dead Diva" this Sunday at 9/8c on Lifetime, we tried to think of a way Margaret could contribute.

Since Jane and Emily (and Corynne, our unofficial "mom") were out, we didn't see what harm there would be in letting Margaret guest-edit for a day.

I mean, really, what could go wrong?

It's not like she would rename the Web site, change all our names to "Margaret" and go into a drug-fueled rampage selling us into human slavery or anything.


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