Lily Allen: sports widow

Even pop stars have boring relationship dramas
Rebecca Holman
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Even pop stars have boring relationship dramas


There's nothing like ranting to your 3 million closest girlfriends when you're husband's winding you up...

Poor old Lily Allen. It was her first wedding anniversary yesterday and her husband Sam Cooper cancelled their anniversary plans so he could watch England play France in Euro 2012.

Fortunately she has over three million Twitter fans to share the news with: ‘Oh and ps its my 1st wedding anniversary today,’ Lily tweeted. ‘And there’s no fancy table booked for dinner cause there’s an England game.’

Proving that she’s not above a bit of obsessing on the internet when faced with romantic adversity, Lily then spent the evening listening to the first song from their wedding on YouTube – Tommy McClain’s Before I Grow Too Old, which she then shared with her followers.

In my head, she spent the rest of the evening listening to the song on loop, dancing around her living room and swigging from a bottle of sauvignon blanc while muttering to herself ‘f***ing football.’

Wait, that’s me isn’t it?