music videos
Celebrities in drag! Brooklyn stereotypes! Conspiracy theories! Self-esteem! This week's most viral music videos have it all!
I continue to be fascinated with questions and issues that form the core of the "Starglass" duology: feminism, identity, trauma, religion, heroism. And girls -- messy, complicated, real, and dynamic girls.
My funeral song changes about once a year, but it's usually some sad bastard music with vague lyrics full of romantic imagery.
I found it amusing that someone needed to make a movie that proves to a white scientist guy that reincarnation might be a possibility.
bechdel test
Instead of using the Bechdel Test as a catch-all critical condemnation, we can use it as a jumping-off point for larger conversations about the role women play in popular films. When films fail, why do they fail?
Entitled "Quarterback," the song repeats the refrain: "Who you gonna blame, the star of the game or the no-name girl in the freshman class?"
gossip girl
If someone is purposely looking for attention I'm not going to feel guilty about giving it to them.
obvious child
The explanation presented of “You’re too early along and you need to wait” isn’t a real reason not to choose medication abortion.
There are moral and ethical implications to videos that use imagery of high status, and achievement, whether via consumption or heredity.
courtney love
When you think you hate jazz, moving across the hall from two jazz musicians may seem like a really bad idea. Turns out it's not.

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I want to know what you're reading right now.
Hey, DJ Ad Traffic Manager, play my song.

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gallup poll
Fifty percent of people in Illinois said yes. (Probably they should move to Northern California because it's The Best Place Ever.)
the wedding date
I think it was meant to be a reverse "Pretty Woman," but it’s more a "The Truth About Cats and Dogs," or any other romantic comedy that strives to make a woman Believe In Herself through A Man’s Love.
We’re concerned about not only giving her good geeky media, but good geeky media that doesn’t completely ignore her heritages.
You know that Ben Folds song, "The Luckiest"? When it comes to his shows, I'm the opposite.
Oh, a film about a hockey-playing tween in San Francisco that includes the voices of Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling? I feel TOTALLY NEUTRAL.

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Aside from the big three podcasts everyone knows—Nerdist, WTF! with Marc Maron and This American Life—there are so many out there that you guys need to be listening to.

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young adult
"From one email to the next, I went from 'unagented writer, dejectedly planning next book' to 'book deal!' which was probably one of the most bizarre experiences in my life."