Two Ways To Wear Our David Arquette-Designed T-Shirt

Make it yours and win a spot on our homepage.
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Make it yours and win a spot on our homepage.

When launched, we were lucky to have David Arquette, along with Propr, design a T-shirt for us (that you can buy right here). It's a soft, 100% cotton shirt with a nice, simple design that reads "I love therefore I am." A nice sentiment, don't you think?

I decided to try out two different looks with the tee, one in its natural state, and another that I DIY-ed just a little bit.


Look One: I was going for a 50s, preppy sort of thing. I put on some fuchsia lipstick, a pearl & rhinestone collar necklace and a flared, high-waisted skirt. I like how fitted the tee is here, and how it nips in at the waist with the help of the skirt. Super cute and simple look.

Look Two: I was trying to be tough here. Winged eyeliner, a bandana as a headband, skinny black pants and I DIY-ed the tee a bit. I even made a video about it!

So, how would you rock this tee? Do share. And even better, buy it and then send us a photo. The coolest repurposed t-shirt gets his or her face modeling it on our homepage. Egomaniacs, go for it!