OPEN THREAD: Tell Us About Your Favorite T-Shirt(s)

Let's all buy all the t-shirts!

Oct 30, 2013 at 12:30pm | Leave a comment

xoJane, on the whole, is very, very pro-t-shirt. Did you know that David Arquette designed a special t-shirt for us when we launched back in May 2011? Jane and I tie-dyed ours and wear them all the time.

Alison, our Clothes Editor, is also a member of the Church Of Tee -- at least I think she is because she writes about them a lot. What's missing here is a post that compiles a bunch of comments with links and descriptions to the world's very best t-shirts. Leave a comment telling us about your favorite t-shirt, major props if we can actually buy that tee. I've been buying Zara Men Deluxe T-Shirts; they're $17 and thick/opaque enough to wear at the office, with a slightly scoopy neck that works with boobs. Now it's your turn. 


In my white Zara Men's Deluxe Tee.