I Can't Really Drive But I Still Want These Gloves

I have a complicated relationship with this winter accessory, apparently.
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I have a complicated relationship with this winter accessory, apparently.

3.1 Phillip Lim Meggie Driving Gloves $275, Shopbop


 It's slowly starting to get dark earlier already. I am pretending not to notice but I know it's only a matter of time before it's dark at like 3 p.m. and I become a hermit again. Even though I'm still enjoying the last throes of summer, I am actually thinking about -- and looking forward -- to cooler weather and the clothes that it comes with, so spotting these gloves on Shopbop gave me tiny heart palpitations. 

Full disclosure: I love gloves but I NEVER wear them. They are so cumbersome! I used to do the cheapo knit gloves they sell by the register bins at H&M and cut "smoking fingers" on my right hand (you know thumb, index and middle fingers) but then I got tired of looking like a hobo. Last winter, I made it through with these awesome arm warmers that my friend got my for my birthday, but still no gloves. 

Of course the weird thing is that I love gloves! Growing up in a tropical island, I was always wishing there would be an occasion to wear them -- other than when I was a ring girl at my uncle's wedding -- and during my first winter in the states, I was wearing gloves by the time it got to like 55 degrees. And then I got lazy. Too lazy for fashion, which is almost worse in a way. Whatever, the point is that maybe if I had these gloves then my fingers would always be cozy, cause let's face it, if I were to drop 300 bucks on gloves I would wear them every.single.day.

Gloves with wrist stuffs attached to them. Perfect for me, please come to me, no?