Friday Afternoon Lust Corner: Mary Katrantzou Dresses

This week I'm lusting over wildly printed dresses.
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This week I'm lusting over wildly printed dresses.

Mary Katrantzou Dress $744.99 & Dress with Collar $1075.10, Colette

Busted Image

Welcome back to another installment of drooling over beautiful things. This week I've been obsessively looking at Mary Katrantzou's dresses on Colette's website. She burst into the scene in fall 2009 with a collection of dresses featuring exquisite close-up illustrations of perfume bottles. Since then, her designs have featured images of blown glass, jewels and room interiors; each one more incredible than the next.

It's one thing to see these amazing pieces on the runway where the concept of these clothes being in anyone's life seems totally impossible; but then you see them in a store and the fantasy is suddenly in arm's reach -- like literally, you can touch it or you can add it to your shopping cart or just stare at it every day from the comfort of your home. And that means that somewhere out there, someone's buying that dress! And hopefully wearing it to do totally mundane things like buy tampons or get gas like it's no big deal. I mean, that's what I would do.

I just like looking at them. There's no way I would be sad on even the dreariest winter day if I was wearing this underneath all my layers.