I had some weird beliefs that were limiting my wardrobe, but letting a stylist guide me on my first-ever shopping spree really helped open my mind.

Sep 15, 2014 at 12:00pm | 88 comments

You probably don't know, because so few places are doing it. But let's just imagine if they did for a moment.
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Ah, I'm always learning new things when it comes to dressing myself.
The X Collection was inspired by the idea of feeling like a superhero; when you put on a gorgeous gown that flaunts your figure, your confidence skyrockets, you hold your head up higher. You feel invincible, like you could take on anything in the world.
Get ready for some underwhelming clothes.
There is a hat for everyone.

Sep 9, 2014 at 12:30pm | 125 comments

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back to school
There’s no back to school police who says I can’t wear knee socks and a backpack even though I have no textbooks right?
I want the bottom half of my body to look like a question mark from the side, as if it's asking if wearing butt-lifting jeans makes me a bad feminist.
Black skirts are a year-round basic, but that doesn't mean they have to look basic, right?
Or how I'm forcing Marci to stop being a clothes hoarder while I stay with her in New York this week.
Skinny jeans have been on-trend for at least a third of my life, and now they're going extinct?
rock star style
Part of what makes an artist great is not just what they produce, but the look and image they bring alongside with their art.
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As we head into Labour Day Weekend, I want to know what you're wearing.
gossip girl
I've been getting Blair comparisons for six years, and now I'm ready to embrace it. Bow down.
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I’ve always been completely against wearing sweatpants outside, but fitted sweats in silky fabrics have changed the game.
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Can I get dressed by the palm trees every day, please?