Contest Winners! We Love Our Laziest Readers

Find out who won our Bioré skincare giveaway for their hilarious tales of sheer sloth.
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Find out who won our Bioré skincare giveaway for their hilarious tales of sheer sloth.

It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the Bioré skincare giveaway! We asked you to tell us the laziest thing you've ever done, or rather, not done. We had a lot of hilarious, shocking, and interesting responses, but these 10 were my personal favourites. (**Hannah's Note:If you're one of the winners listed here, and there's an asterisk next to your name, it means I couldn't find your e-mail address/you didn't include it in your comment. Please send it to me ( so that you can receive your prize!)

The Laziest of the Lazies (in no particular order)

1. **Rebecca Jane told us she "shaved my armpits whilst on the couch. Used cold coffee and a razor. Boom."

2. Meghan-Sara said, "I'm so lazy that I Febreeze my 'dry-clean only' clothing instead of getting it washed.  Also, I'm afraid of the dry-cleaners.  'DRY?' 'CLEAN?'  These two concepts make no sense together and therefore these type of people are not to be trusted.  They are probably charlatans who charge $30 to Febreeze your clothing for you."

3. Claudia shared that "One morning at about 2, I calmed down my daughter who was throwing a gargantuan shit fit.  Then I walked into the kitchen only to encounter a massive pile of dog puke.  Being the good mommy I know I should have cleaned it up but hey, 2 am remember?  Anyway I sidestepped the barf in the hopes that the dog would just eat it so all I would have to do is mop  the entire floor the next day.   Oh yeah, dreams really do come true because the dog DID eat the vomit and all I had to do was mop the floor.  Plan accomplished, laziness firmly in place."

4. Leslie confessed "For several years I got a shower and got dressed for work/school...and then went to sleep for the night. That way I could wake up all groggy and stumble right out the door without having to think. It drove my bf absolutely nuts. He could never figure out how I could sleep in jeans and a belt. But the worst was that sometimes if something really important was happening the next morning, I slept with shoes on too."

 5. Shannon admitted "I have turned my underwear inside-out rather than doing my laundry. I have had a friend bring over paper plates rather than do dishes. I have used the same glass to drink out of for 2 weeks, regardless of the beverage. Klassy." 

6. Sarah said, "I definitely used to wake up 5 min before class in college, rub hand sanitizer all over my face to bring down the oil and run out the door.  I'm not sure if it did anything, but I always convinced myself that it was similar to washing my face."

7. Lina divulged that "When my boyfriend and I were first dating, I spent the night at his house often. He had this stupid dog that liked to shit on the floor while my boyfriend and I were having sex... cause the dog felt he was being deprived of attention. Ugh that dog. Anyway, one night, I woke up and went to the bathroom... and stepped in a huge, hot pile of shit. I was kind of drunk and somehow in my brain, I decided that I should just wash my foot off in the shower and go back to sleep. I really, REALLY didn't feel like cleaning up that poop. The next morning we woke up to the pile of shit... with a very clear footprint in it. My boyfriend was like, really? You stepped in it and still couldn't clean it up? To this day, I deny it was me."  

8. Sydney told us "I have a coffee maker but in the morning I routinely order from the deli that is literally right underneath my apartment.  I don't want to make my own coffee, nor do I want to walk down a flight of stairs for it!  It's hard to do things before you've had your coffee... "

9. Teresa defined laziness for us "Lazy:  I have definitely passed out with facewash in my hands, completely prepared to wash all the makeup off my face but unable to dedicate to that at the last second."

10. Megan wrote the book on laziness: "I slept on a bare mattress without sheets (only a quilt) from January to May because I took my sheets off to do laundry and forgot to put them back on my bed, then forgot where I put my sheets.  I took a trip to New Orleans in Decmember. My suitcase is still full of stuff I took with me. I just take stuff out, use it, and put it back because it is easier than putting stuff away.  I drink my coffee AND brush my teeth while taking a shower so I can sleep longer. I haven't shaved my legs since February, but you can't tell because my hair is blonde and practically invisible. I haven't showered since Tuesday because dry shampoo, perfume, and re-deoderizing fixes everything. I've been wearing the same makeup since Wednesday and just reapplying eyeliner and mascara. In the car. While I drive. So I can sleep longer."

I'm still curious as to how one drinks coffee in the shower ... amazing!