WORST BEAUTY EDITOR IN THE WORLD: I Snorted A Line Of Bath Salts In The Office Today Edition


Feb 21, 2012 at 5:00pm | Leave a comment

Yo! So snorting bath salts isn’t exactly new news (sorry to be so inarticulate; I just snorted bath salts) but I got stuck at the office late in meetings with Jane today and didn’t write my story (it was supposed to be on RITUAL CLEANSE) and I wanted to put something up today, so here. I snorted bath salts.

To see if they would make me high. Like Ivory Wave ("WORSE THAN COCAINE -- AND LEGAL?") (swag!)! I am always on the lookout for the new designer drug for all you hotties out there who like to dance. You’re welcome!

My lucky guinea pig (can a beauty product be a guinea pig?) was a lovely product called Napoleon Perdis Jaipur Jasmine Bath Salts; I can't even find them on the Internet. Hmm.

I WAS going to take them home and then actually bathe in them -- but instead I'm going to give the tub and another one I have by the same brand away to TWO lucky Tweeters who retweet me when I tweet this story.

You have to follow me @cat_marnell and live in the USA to win. I only used a tiny bit of the salts (and I'll throw a few extra beauty products in there, too). You have until 4 pm tomorrow to  @ me about this bath salts story. I'll favorite your tweet; that's how you know you're entered.


I didn’t get high but I did feel weird and then I got a little headache and then I felt dumb but that’s how I always feel when people talk to me about Google+ and Pinterest and Wikis and “Faberge”; omigod.

Anyway, I guess I am coming down now because I feel dead inside, but that’s probably because I am at the office. ZZZZZZZZ. Do not pass go! Do not collect $200!

Anyway, Jane is in this video cackling as usual. Enabler. [By the way, DO NOT SNORT BATH SALTS OR ANYTHING ILLEGAL OR HARMFUL TO YOU, KIDS AND OTHERS. ]

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