So What if Plastic Surgery Means More Sex?

I received an email yesterday about "a very sad study" by suggesting that "women feel more confident in bed after undergoing breast enlargements."

May 31, 2012 at 2:00pm | Leave a comment


Fake Boobs

I received an email yesterday about "a very sad study" by suggesting that "women feel more confident in bed after undergoing breast enlargements." Inside was a link to an article about said study, in which the writer denounces the claim that 61 percent of women who have underwent breast augmentation have more frequent sex

A few things struck me about this article, first that it had been sent to the wrong email address -- I love fake -- but mostly that the statistic is probably valid. The writer begins with a sarcastic rant about breast enlargement. 

"Do you want to have better sex? Of course you do! We all do! Do you want to know how you can get it? It's really easy and as long as your pain tolerance is through the roof and you have the necessary funds, you can pull it off. Are you ready? Get a boob job! Yes, that's right! Just hippity-hop on over to the first local plastic surgeon's website you see, make an appointment and voila! Better sex is just a few months away — a few months of gruesome recovery time."

Woah, What did plastic surgery do to you? I felt compelled to ask after reading. Not to mention, the most "gruesome" stage of recovery is probably having to wear button-down shirts for two weeks post-op.

I understand what has the author so heated; this idea that having more sex is linked to altering one's appearance. Fair enough, but I say any catalyst for more sex is positive. And a physical change, even something minor, often does lead to an increase in activity. I don't know about you, but for me a basic bikini wax does the job, so I can only imagine what a new pair of breasts would incite. 

Chatel feels that the best sex partners promote self-acceptance, citing an article from that reads, "If you're having sex with someone, you want them to like you for you." 

I hear that; doing it with a partner who spends Sunday nights on your couch watching "Mad Men" -- a possible symptom of "liking you" -- is awesome, but so is casual sex based on pure physical attraction. And lets not forget hate-fucking. As far as I'm concerned when it comes to enjoying sex, there aren't any "shoulds."
Not to mention, the notion that a cosmetically altered "you" isn't the real "you" strikes me as completely backward. What if this thinking were applied to gender reassignment surgery? Sometimes natural doesn't feel real.
What do you think? Does this suggested link between breast enlargement and more frequent sex bother you? Can you enjoy sex with a partner who doesn't necessarily "like you for you?"
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