Get Your Hair Did With Nnekay: The Bantu Knot

If you like length perhaps you should stay with a twist, but definitely give this a whirl when you want a slightly different look.

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You know what's awesome? Getting published for the first time! I decided to take Mandy's advice and throw caution to the wind. Guess what? It worked! Seeing my name on such a noteworthy site was A-mazing.
After receiving so much love from my family and friends, I decided to truly live up to my diva potential by tying a long silk scarf around my head. I let the ends cascade over my shoulder like a 1920s starlet ready for a close-up.
I was truly feeling my potential as a generational voice and needed to rev up my style to match this newfound fame. It was at this point that my boyfriend lunged into the bathroom scaring snot out of my nostril and on to his shirt. I screamed, he screamed, we both stared at the booger. I needed to do something quick so solve the Booger Issue, so I bent over to grab some tissues, which resulted in a toilet bowl dip for my scarf.
So, let’s keep it simple and try for another tutorial. Yes? Let’s begin, dah-lings…
The Bantu Knot
Tools: comb, hair tie, bobby pins, spray bottle with water, and leave in conditioner
Hair type: Coarse to Loose Curl
Hair length: Earlobes to Nips
Like the twist-out, the Bantu Knot is a night prep hairdo. I normally stick with the twist, but since this is another biggie in the natural hair community I will give it a try on these ole locks of mine. The result is a spring cloud of curls with definition. If you like length perhaps you should stay with a twist, but definitely give this a whirl when you want a slightly different look. 
Start with freshly washed dry hair
Use your comb to section out a medium sized clump
If you have looser hair then just twirl this section, if you have coarse hair like moi, then do a two strand twist (insert link).
When you hair is properly twisted, wind the hair until it feels like it is so tight that it will curl onto itself.
Place your finger at the base of the twist and wind the twist into a coil. Continue this until you can tuck the end into your created knot.
Tah-Dah! You got yourself a Bantu knot. Now do this all over your head.
Now you look like Jada Pinkett from "The Matrix." Helllloooo 90s!
Go to bed! Don't forget your bonnet/scarf/toilet cleaner
In the morning take your twist down. It should be springy! Separate each hair clump till you reach desired fullness.
I used a comb to lift my roots to get some height in my fro.
In the end, I look that hot bitch little orphan Annie.
Pretty cute, no? Like I said previously, this isn’t my normal style but it is super fun to change it up. Which is your favorite style to rock?
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