Chic Autumn Nails -- Autumn Leaves on Concrete (God I’m Poetic)

I am autumned up to the MAX. I have tights on, I am wearing boots, I have proper knickers on that actually cover the whole of my bum and I HAVE TAUPE NAILS. This is NOT A DRILL.

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I’m stepping out of my nail comfort zone, yo. I am autumned up to the MAX. I have tights on, I am wearing boots, I have proper knickers on that actually cover the whole of my bum and I HAVE TAUPE NAILS. This is NOT A DRILL.

Those who know me know I love a brighter than bright nail that packs a punch and is often eye-wateringly neon. What I DON’T do is wear nudes, or browns, or anything I deem "safe." I mean, I love nude nails on other people but I think they make me look like my hands are one big blob of meat. Having a bright blue nail at the end kind of defines the fingers for me, makes me feel a bit more elegant (which is weird because nude nails are probably INFINTELY more elegant than bright blue, but whatevs.).

This season, however, I am throwing caution to the winds and I feel more willing to truly embrace autumn and try out some new moves on my fingertips. Since buying Essie’s Matte About You, which is totally my new jam, I have kind of opened my eyes a little to all the gorgeous muted fall colors out there.

I decided to go with a look I like to call "Autumn Leaves On Concrete," like it’s an artwork instead of me just painting my nails in front of the TV in my underwear while eating Frazzles. Here’s how I got this look, which I actually totally love and will be trying again in new variants very soon.

I painted all my finger tippy tips in this taupe shade, "With A Twist" by GOSH, which I’ve been avoiding because, as I say, I’m scared of neutrals. I’ve never used this brand before but I was pleasantly surprised, it went on opaque after 3 coats with no streaks. 


Actually looks quite nice on its own, no?

After letting these coats dry, while watching "Jewish Mum of The Year" (a highlight of Brit TV right there), I added a topcoat of the Essie’s Matte About You. I’ve spoken about it before, but essentially it’s a wonder product, which will completely mattify any polish and leave you with a sexy, flat mani. It takes a few minutes to dry out to a truly suede finish, but EVERY TIME I get so excited and think about just chucking all my Seche Vite in the bin. I am so impressed with this topcoat, I cannot stop going on about it. Just buy it.


You can buy it on Amazon. Just don’t get sucked into the Amazon trap and end up buying 20, or do, if that’s what you want.


I just LOVE this polish.

After letting that dry, I took my new GOSH Holographic nail paint in "Galaxy" which is a totally awesome polish packed with tons of micro glitter. I took the brush and carefully painted up the sides of each nail, and then brought it down into the middle of the nail bed too, but not taking it down as far. I didn’t make it neat, as I prefer the kind of "distressed" look.


Ta daaaaa!

I really love the shiny glitter on top of the matte taupe. It makes me think of autumn leaves, laying on concrete and covered in frost, twinkling in the morning. God, I’m so romantic and poetic right now. This would work with a multitude of other colorways too, and I am going to be trying them out!

Do you like this look? Try it out! More importantly, how are you coping with the new season? I like any excuse to stay indoors and sit on my sofa and hibernate so it’s suiting me fine. 

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