BEAUTY AFTER HOURS: Quick-Fire Q&A with Cat (Plus, A Surprise Happy Ending)

Did you know cocaine cures sunburn? Me neither!
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Did you know cocaine cures sunburn? Me neither!

"I don't care about your sunburn! You probably shouldn't have gotten so wasted and laid out in the sun like an idiot," said Cat when I asked her

what to put on my post-holiday skin

last night.

I had wanted to write about Cat's favorite after-sun products, but she wasn't having it. In fact she vetoed every article that I had planned for the week, and we decided to make a video instead.

Now here's a little recap of the makeup in Cat's swaggy Lanvin bag so you can buy and try everything! [Thank you for doing more video! This one is so lovable. You two are lovable. No thank you for endorsing cocaine, you kook. Give me back my phone. --Jane]


Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, $7:

I gave Cat this beauty classic last week after she chewed her lips until they bled.


Supercalifragilipsticks, $24 each:

How cute are these lipsticks by Poppy King for Kate Spade? Cat's favorite is

Pop Art Pink.


Philosophy The Supernatural Lit From Within, $23:

Cat wears this sheer, creamy blush in

"Look on the Bright Side."



Lip Liner, $.99:

At that price you have no excuse not to give it a try, right?

Cat loves

"Cute Pink."


Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, $18:

The Chubby new liner Cat used isn't out yet, but this gel-like waterproof pencil is awesome too. You really can't go wrong with Make Up For Ever.


NARS Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment, $25:

The "perfect nude, nude, nude lip," Cat was referring to is Aurore. Tres sexy baby, non?

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