Yagazie Emezi

I, Yagazie Ledi Francisca Emezi (had to put it all in!) was born and raised in Aba, Nigeria and moved to the United States in 2005 where my love and yearning for home led to an intensified passion for Africa and the arts. So I created a website which gives young African creatives a platform to showcase their work.

And for the hell of it, I'm also a visual artist and cartoonist, as well as a video blogger on YouTube, discussing everything from social issues rarely addressed openly in African communities, such as eating disorders and sexuality to sharing the random and occasionally awkward details of my life.  

In my spare time when I'm not curled up in a stressed out ball, I like to write.

Visit my site, share with me on YouTube and see my cartoons and everyday life on Instagram. And I'd advise you not to, but I am on Twitter