Showcasing a poorly trained dancer as aspirational is embarrassing not only for Free People, but for us dancers who take our artform seriously.

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Staying quiet for 12 weeks while you grow a human being inside of you is nothing short of completely insane.

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You are comfortable in your bed. You no longer have to use the restroom. Your baby is sound asleep upstairs. Your husband is breathing deeply next to you. Just sleep.
I guess “get a hobby” is easier said than done.

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Each hello and each goodbye with my family is always the same. A potent cocktail of guilt, yearning, wistfulness, and even resentment swirls around each encounter.
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I didn't need siblings and my son doesn't either.
Trying to make it in New York as a dancer is a humbling and sometimes humiliating experience. What I was not prepared for was the racial divisiveness in the hip-hop dance community and the accompanying white guilt that followed.