Trista Crass

I live in Alaska, sometimes in a cabin, other times on a sailboat. I climb mountains, go shrimping, take cross-country bus rides in foreign countries, obsess about money, don't care about my weight, can't crack my knuckles (will slap your face if you do), am a really good cook, have insanely detailed dreams, raise chickens and bees, am a terrible listener, a cheapskate, and whole-heartedly believe that anything is better with a Positive Mental Attitude. I have a dumpster fashion blog called Arrogantly Shabby, and another blog with terrible writing and some awesome recipes. I believe everything old is better. Even when it clearly isn't. 

I wanted to be a spinster that lived in Manhattan and wrote for some awesome comedy show. But then I got lazy and got a biology degree instead. Shame, really, but as a result, I have all kinds of old-timey apocalypse skills! Fascinating!