Tiffanie Drayton

I'm a writer and proud New School University Alumna. If I had to use three words to describe myself, I'd choose: quirky, funny and intelligent. I have an obsession with documentaries and literature, but admittedly my favorite book series was written by J.K. Rowling. I see myself as a human being, firstly, but as a powerful black woman who is unafraid to be open and honest about her experiences and opinions, as well.
When I'm not day dreaming about landing my next writing gig, I'm usually thinking about food-- Thai food in particular (Pad Kee Mao even more specifically). Oh yeah, and Indian food. I love competition: good debate? I'm there. Soccer or volleyball on the beach? Count me in. I appreciate my island roots and my life's journey that has taken me all over the Western Hemisphere. I love a good adventure and I'm usually up to try anything new.
Age: 23
Job Title: Writer
Job Description: Wake up. Open laptop. Think of cool ideas. Read cool articles. Write something (that will more than likely be terrible). Share it with friends on Google Docs. Get feedback that it sucks. Ditch it. Take a shower. Brush teeth. Start all over again.
Hobbies: writing, reading, beaching, tennis, social media, plotting for world domination (watching reruns of The Pinky and The Brain). 
Excited about: Recently becoming "Auntie Tiffanie"
Sad about: War, racism, sexism and homophobia