I’ve had pretty bad UTIs before, so I assumed that was what was happening. That coupled with the intensity of the pain led me to ask my boyfriend, who was getting more nervous by the second, to take me to an emergency clinic.
As I sat in the waiting room filling out paperwork my anxiety skyrocketed when I got to the section that asked for an emergency contact.
it happened to me
It had been years since I had binged and purged, yet there were the effects of four years of bulimia sitting right there in my palm, bringing flashbacks of vomit on hands from years prior.

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online dating
My attention is currently far more focused on writing than finding an OkCupid date, but damn you motherf**kers make for some great writing material.
the style con
A man I dated, who was awesomely open about his kinks, including a foot fetish, described that for him, the turn on had to do with the assumed dirtiness of feet.
music festivals
I suffer from claustrophobia and history of an array of anxiety disorders, even typing about being caught in some sort of mosh pit is making me anxious.
family drama
As a 25-year-old recently-sober woman struggling to make ends meet as a creative in New York City, imagining myself with a child is sort of like imagining my funeral.

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Sometimes it takes a baking sheet sent to you by mermaids to remind you how good you have it.
sexual assault
If you're wondering why survivors of sexual assault don't want to report it, this is why.
Before submitting this story, I did a search for "cab" on xoJane. To my surprise and horror, Emily had a very similar experience with someone who must have been the exact same cab driver six or seven years ago, which means he is probably still out there.