at-home manicures
My only prior experience with store-bought fake nails was the embarrassment of having them fall off in public. How mortifying is it to look down at your plate and see that your nails are now chilling in your salad like some cheap plastic nail-shaped croutons? Hell no, and no ma'am.
99 problems
Men and women who give you the "I don’t want you but don’t go hook up with someone who actually does want you 'cause that will give me the sads” speech are low down dirty DOGS.
The rule is when the teenybopper grocery clerk or the yoga pants and Starbucks-sipping moms at playgroup ask how you are, they do not want you to say anything but “Fine” “Great” or “I’m good.”
Here are some Code Words and Situations that CLEARLY Google Translate into “Hey baby, I’m Dumb as F#$%. Do Not Bang Me."
setting goals
So, I’m getting over myself, healing from the crushing disappointments of late and I’m forcing myself to live.
I am going to be 34 in a few months and I still have not seen all of Thriller in one viewing.
If you having life problems I feel bad for you girl -- you got 99 problems, let SistaTV solve one.
Although the circumstances are very different, I have been feeling exactly like that trapped little girl with blood on her spelling test and fear of the unknowns in her heart.