While it does require a couple of hours to supervise as it cooks, stock provides a great excuse to hang out around the house watching bad television -- I mean, reading, and unwinding over a weekend day.

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Wow, I've typed the word "vagina" so many times that it's starting to look a little weird. Vagina vagina vagina.

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If you like chai and you tend to drink it at coffeehouses, you know it's expensive per cup. Brewing it at home is way less expensive, and way more satisfying, because you can tweak tea, sugar, and spicing levels to make a chai you love.

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There are things that you just read and it stays with you, and I think Harriet is just one of those kind of things.
Many shelter officers and workers anecdotally testify to the existence of Black Dog Syndrome, and it's widely believed to be true in the animal rescue community.

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It's important to avoid conflating non-binary sex and gender identities with being born intersex, as these are very different identity categories.
fake science i made up
The problem with jazzing up science reporting with misleading headlines (and articles), though, is that it makes real actual science harder to understand, and presents members of the public with conflicting information.
Welcome to the world of data brokers, who have exploded thanks to the Internet and all that it offers in terms of tracking consumers.
A judge who thinks this way is not someone I would want presiding over any case involving sexism, violence against women, or rape.
planned parenthood
Being a vagina owner and operator these days is getting increasingly scary.