Sarah Buchanan

Age: 27

Twitter: @garconmeansboy


What I do, job-wise: Account management for a software company

What I do, fun-wise: Switching amongst reading smart books, mysteries with food themes, and trashy young adult novels like the Pretty Little Liars series; cooking, and then eating what I cook; practicing to be a writer when I grow up; attending shmancy art openings with my husband and pretending we are part of that type of crowd.  I also just quit selling Avon, as I was the worst sales rep ever, selling mostly to myself.

My motto: “Be Prepared.”  If it’s good enough for Scouts and Disney villains, it’s good enough for me.  

My Anti-Motto: “I’ll try anything once!”  There is a definitive list of things I will never, ever do.

My "celebs to make out with" list:  Nathan Fillion (!), Billie Joe Armstrong, Kate Walsh, and then Nathan Fillion again.

Last book I read without skimming any parts: “Drop Dead Healthy” by AJ Jacobs

The Most Played Song On My iTunes:  NSync’s “I Want You Back”  I should probably be ashamed, but I’m not. 

My most worn item of clothing:  My mid-calf black boots.  My mom actually gave me money once to buy some sensible shoes to wear to work so I’d stop wearing those boots with summer dresses.

Beauty products that I hoard: Black nail polish, Orofluido Hair Elixir, theBalm Cosmetic’s Staniac lip stain in “Beauty Queen,” and eyebrow pencils, because my inexplicably blonde eyebrows give me need to draw them on daily.