Shirley is a smart, funny woman dealing with loneliness and heartbreak who is not a 26-year-old size 2 with blown out hair and a million dollar apartment.
Remember when RDJ did little indie films and had silly hair?
like a prayer
Maybe what I love the most about Madonna is for that what she is most criticized; she’s a total poseur.
family business
I've heard some of the Beatles' kids want to start a band. Dooooon't doooo it.
kate winslet
"Titanic" is as much about 1997 as 1912 as a touchstone of the hubris and optimism of an age; forgive me for saying so, but I believe it is much more difficult to make an earnest, naïve love story like this today.
I am crazy excited for Dark Shadows. You can be too. It's okay.
I'm fine with having a vice or six. You should be too.
The campus novel is great because it makes you nostalgic for being 22, and at the same time, glad that scary epoch is behind you.
annie hall
The real "Annie Hall" on hats, Woody, and bulimia.
downton abbey
More period dramas that will be perfect for a blizzard coming near you, a couple months unemployment, or your next hard break-up.